Electric Vehicles Charging | ZF manufactures initial batch of 1,000 CeTrax lite motors for commercial electric vehicles

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The renowned German car manufacturer ZF has assembled 1,000 CeTrax lite electric motors for small commercial vehicles since launching mass production in April 2023.

CeTrax lite is an entirely electric motor with a maximum power of 150 kW that is placed centrally within the vehicle structure—substituting the gearbox in traditional fuel cars. It is a centrally located electric motor, designed for retrofitting existing commercial vehicle platforms with electric power. The company has expedited mass production faster than scheduled, driven by the demand from Isuzu, a commercial vehicle producer from Japan. This motor is used to propel Isuzu’s latest electric distribution truck, the ELF EV. Additional mass production is slated to commence later this year.

This central motor is manufactured at ZF’s factory in Friedrichshafen and is incorporated into buses ordered from South Korea, the United States, Australia, and Europe. Friedrichshafen will also start manufacturing the CeTrax 2 dual electric central motor later this year.

“Utilizing an electric motor from ZF ensures that the hardware components and software are perfectly synced,” stated Kleber Vinhas, the Location Manager of the ZF Friedrichshafen facility. “This feature makes CeTrax lite exceptionally efficient in real-world scenarios.”

Source: ZF


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