Dodge Steps Up After Dealer Screws Soldier Out of Challenger SRT Demon 170 Order

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Dodge Steps Up to Rectify Dealer’s Unethical Behavior Towards Soldier’s Challenger SRT Demon 170 Order

Dodge Challenger Enthusiasts Riled Up Over Dealership’s Deceitful Act

Dodge aficionados have recently expressed outrage over a dealership’s misconduct involving a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 customer who is an active-duty servicemember. The dealership in question reportedly sold the car to someone else while the service member was deployed, tarnished their reputation, and misled Dodge about the series of events. However, justice prevails in the end, showcasing the lack of trust in car dealerships.

Unveiling the Unethical Practices at Mac Haik Dodge

The incident unfolds at Mac Haik Dodge in Flowood, Mississippi, a dealership previously criticized for price inflation on exclusive models like the Chevy Corvette Z06. As the Dodge Challenger bid adieu, the anticipation for the limited-edition 1,025-horsepower SRT Demon 170 promised a lucrative deal for Mac Haik.

Videos by drama YouTuber “Butter Da Insider” and a piece by StellPower narrate how Mac Haik accepted an order for a Demon 170 in F8 Green from a military member at a staggering $50,000 above the base price. The servicemember, expecting delivery while overseas, arranged for family pickup upon arrival.

The Deceptive Twist and Dodge’s Intervention

However, a discrepancy arose when the same dealership allegedly committed to selling another Demon 170 in Triple Nickel to a different customer, leading to a chaotic turn of events. Subsequently, the servicemember’s F8 Green car was offered to the second customer at a higher cost, causing a ripple effect of misunderstandings and discontent among the involved parties.

Upon learning the chain of events, Dodge’s CEO Tim Kuniskis stepped in to address the issue, nullifying the deceitful actions of Mac Haik’s employees. The attempted cover-up, initiated by the dealership, soon crumbled under the weight of truth, leading to a swift resolution and reaffirming Dodge’s commitment to its customers.


The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 saga, marred by unethical behavior at a dealership, ultimately found solace through Dodge’s intervention. The incident not only sheds light on the need for transparency and integrity in the automotive industry but also restores faith in companies that uphold their values.


Q: Will the servicemember receive the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 as initially ordered?
A: Yes, Dodge intervened to rectify the situation, ensuring the servicemember gets their car as per the original agreement.

Q: How did Dodge respond to the dealership’s misconduct?
A: Dodge’s CEO got involved to address the issue promptly and ensure justice for the servicemember.

Q: What can customers learn from this incident?
A: The importance of dealing with reputable and trustworthy dealerships and the significance of holding businesses accountable for their actions in the automotive industry.# Article

Title: Dodge Goes the Extra Mile to Make Things Right for Servicemember


In a recent incident involving a servicemember and a Dodge dealership, a mix-up occurred with a vehicle order. However, Dodge has stepped up to rectify the situation in a heartwarming manner.

The Story Unfolds

The Incident: A Dodge customer, who was a servicemember, faced issues with an order mix-up at a dealership. Despite the dealer’s attempt to resolve the matter, the servicemember felt dissatisfied with the proposed solution.

Resolution Difficulty: The original car ordered was no longer in production, and no matching cars were available across the nation’s inventory.

A Happy Ending: Dodge decided to customize a special Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 in F8 Green to match the servicemember’s original order, with Jay Leno hosting the delivery ceremony at his garage. This exceptional gesture comes at no cost to the servicemember, showing Dodge’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

The Servicemember’s Gratitude

The servicemember expressed gratitude for the support received from other Dodge owners and the community. Various offers, including the sale of personal vehicles and additional financial contributions, highlighted the strong camaraderie within the Dodge enthusiast community.


Dodge’s dedication to customer service and the camaraderie amongst Dodge owners reflect a positive outcome in a challenging situation. The servicemember’s story underscores the importance of customer-centric practices and community support.


1. What was the issue with the servicemember’s Dodge order?

The servicemember faced a mix-up with their vehicle order at a Dodge dealership, leading to dissatisfaction with the resolution offered.

2. How did Dodge resolve the situation?

Dodge decided to customize a special Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 in F8 Green to match the servicemember’s original order, with Jay Leno hosting the delivery ceremony at his garage, all at no cost to the servicemember.

3. How did the community show support to the servicemember?

Other Dodge owners and community members offered various solutions, including selling personal vehicles and additional financial contributions, showcasing a strong sense of camaraderie within the Dodge community.

4. How can I contact the author for tips or questions?

For any tips or questions, you can reach out to the author at

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