Diesel Jeeps Are Dead as Gladiator Drops the Option

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Diesel Jeep News Update: Gladiator No Longer Offers Diesel Option

The era of diesel-powered cars in the United States has been fading since the emissions scandals of 2015. Jeep is bidding adieu to its diesel option with the upcoming 2023 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon FarOut, marking the end of the line for the 3.0-liter EcoDiesel engine in its tough trucks.

Jeep Drops Diesel Option for Gladiator

After a brief three-year stint, the Gladiator model will no longer feature the diesel engine introduced in 2021. Jeep is shifting gears towards electrification, aiming to electrify its entire lineup in the coming years. The introduction of the 3.0-liter EcoDiesel engine came amidst accusations of emissions cheating in 2017, culminating in a $300 million settlement with the federal government in 2022.

The Move Towards Electrification

With concerns over diesel engine emissions and a push towards cleaner alternatives, Jeep’s decision mirrors a broader industry trend. Modern diesel engines, despite their fuel efficiency and torque advantages, face challenges in meeting stringent emissions standards, paving the way for electrification.

The decision to discontinue the diesel option could also be a strategic move by Stellantis, Jeep’s parent company, to avoid potential issues associated with diesel engines. Ram, a sister brand, also phased out the EcoDiesel engine in 2022, aligning with the industry’s evolving landscape.

Farewell to Diesel Jeeps

While diesel engines possess a unique appeal and practicality, advancements in emission control technology are reshaping the automotive landscape. The complexity of modern diesel powertrains may pose reliability concerns in the long run, influencing automakers’ decisions to transition to cleaner alternatives.

If you yearn for the last diesel Jeep, the FarOut model represents your final opportunity to embrace the EcoDiesel legacy before it fades away.


As Jeep steers towards an electrified future, the sun sets on the diesel era for the Gladiator. While diesel engines provide notable benefits, the industry’s shift towards cleaner technologies marks a new chapter for automotive innovation.


1. Why is Jeep discontinuing the diesel option for the Gladiator?

Jeep is pivoting towards electrification to align with evolving industry trends and emission regulations, prompting the phasing out of diesel engines in its lineup.

2. Will other Jeep models still offer diesel options?

As Jeep focuses on electrification, the discontinuation of diesel options in the Gladiator may hint at a broader shift towards cleaner technologies across the brand’s entire range.

3. What are the implications of discontinuing diesel engines?

The decision reflects the challenges diesel engines face in meeting stringent emission standards, highlighting the industry-wide transition towards cleaner and more sustainable alternatives.

4. Will consumers miss diesel engines in Jeep vehicles?

While diesel engines offer unique benefits like fuel efficiency and torque, the shift towards cleaner alternatives signifies a necessary step towards reducing environmental impact and embracing innovative technologies.

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