Could a Lexus LC F Be on the Horizon?

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Lately, Toyota has been making some bold moves to appeal to enthusiasts. First, they surprised us by putting a V8 in the current IS model, resulting in the IS500. Then, they unveiled the impressive GR Corolla hot hatch. And to top it off, they announced that the Supra will finally offer a manual transmission. Now, the latest speculation suggests that the Japanese automaker might introduce a high-performance version of their esteemed coupe, the Lexus LC.

A teaser shared on Lexus Racing USA’s official Instagram hints at a potential F-branded, high-performance iteration of a vehicle that strongly resembles the LC. The iconic Lexus F emblem is prominently featured in a dramatic blue light, set against the profile of a sleek two-door Lexus. The post includes a comparison with an image of the standard LC 500.

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Those familiar with Lexus’ complex F-tier structure may suggest that this could be an enhanced version like the LC F Sport or LC F Sport Performance. However, the caption emphasizing the “Highest expression of performance” alongside the presence of a distinct hood bulge not seen on the regular LC raises the possibility that this might indeed be the full-fledged LC F model.

Alternatively, given the post’s origin on the Lexus Racing account, there’s a chance it could be a track-focused race car rather than a road-going vehicle. Yet, a closer look at the account reveals a significant number of posts featuring Lexus road cars, making the latter scenario plausible.

Despite conflicting rumors about the fate of the LC F, it seems that the answers will soon be unveiled.

Then again, could this teaser be hinting at something entirely different, possibly a new successor to the legendary LFA supercar? The design cues certainly suggest the potential for such a model. It’s a puzzling situation that raises questions about the true nature of this upcoming release.

What are your thoughts on Lexus’s cryptic tease? What do you believe is in store?

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