Coachbuilder’s $135K C8 Corvette Kit Resolves the Car’s Main Shortcoming—Its Styling

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The production of the C8 Chevrolet Corvette wasn’t a necessity for General Motors, yet it came to fruition nonetheless. This aspect adds a touch of novelty and respect to the vehicle. However, every time I catch a glimpse of the car, I can’t help but focus on its unattractive appearance. Fortunately, a coachbuilder located in Ontario, Canada has been diligently improving this flaw by introducing subtle modifications to a brand-new carbon-fiber body. Regrettably, this enhancement comes with a price tag of $135,000, not including the cost of the sports car itself.

Caravaggio Corvettes’ Unica Series 1 does not completely overhaul the C8’s notorious Cheshire grin or Grand Theft Auto Ferrari-like silhouette. The large and oddly positioned triangular headlights remain unchanged. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about them, nor the taillights. The modifications mainly focus on refining the surfaces and eliminating unnecessary “go-fast” accents. The front of the C8 has been subtly redesigned, with the outer intakes acquiring a more sculpted form and being connected by a narrower central opening. The lower winglets rise to separate these areas, resulting in a more elegant appearance that exudes a more purposeful aura compared to the original design of the car.

The previously emphasized large side intake, highlighted with an unnecessary black boomerang shape, has been redesigned and crafted with finesse. The sharp lines have disappeared, giving the impression that the space has been shaped by the airflow. The rear wing is now seamlessly integrated into the body, adopting a profile that resembles a duckbill. Additionally, the vents beneath the taillights have been widened to align more closely with the extra-wide clusters themselves. These two elements did not harmonize well before—much like most features on the standard C8—thus this alteration certainly improves the overall aesthetic, even if the difference may not be immediately discernible without a side-by-side comparison of the designs.

What stands out the most to me about the Caravaggio Unica Series 1 is that it still maintains the essence of a C8, while subtly and precisely altering just enough aspects to rectify many of the original design flaws in the vehicle. Naturally, with the $135,000 investment, you receive a brand-new carbon-fiber body that aims to reduce the ‘Vette’s weight by approximately 40 pounds, in addition to new interior materials. Performance enhancements for the brakes, powertrain, cooling system, and wheels are also available. Upgrading the rims is essential; the standard Stingray wheels are disappointing, resembling those of a significantly cheaper and older vehicle without the sporty allure of the C8.

Simple and clean.
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Simple and clean. Caravaggio Corvettes

I’m not urging all C8 owners to immediately embrace Caravaggio’s offer, naturally. In reality, it may not even be feasible if one desired to do so, as the company plans to work on only 30 cars, each tailored to a client’s specific style preferences. The newest Corvette showcases exceptional engineering, and the fact that an American mid-engine sports car that rivals larger competitors continues to exist is an impressive feat that should not be understated, particularly when various automakers are fervently trying to streamline and economize performance vehicles. Personally, I simply wish its appearance was more appealing, and now, at least for certain ‘Vette owners, that wish can come true.

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