Cadillac marks 120th Anniversary

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Cadillac Celebrated Its 120th Anniversary
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Cadillac recently celebrated its 120th birthday. It’s doing some special things to celebrate.

Cadillac Celebration

An example of what it’s doing to celebrate is developing the special car Lyriq, which will be developed by 2023. It’s a long way to go to the all-electric car in 2023. Cadillac went through quite a few innovations over its 120 years of history. For example, in 1954, it was the first carmaker to add power steering to all standard models.

Another example is how the vehicles Cadillac had in 1964 were doing a lot of mixing of power and style. There are quite a few options today that will show you that combination in the modern world, including the Escalade-V, for example.

Throughout that full span, Cadillac often had future designs These days, that idea is continuing as Cadillac continues to imagine ideas like its VTOL or vertical take-off designs. The idea is to let passengers take off with drones and float just above the street, landing again when they need to do so.

The emblem of Cadillac symbolized the family that founded Detroit. Over the years, this emblem has continued to evolve with the times that the symbol came from. More recently, they ended on the monochromatic version that is the most streamlined and shows the electric future that indicates which direction Cadillac is likely moving.

You can contrast the original ideas with the abilities models like the Lyriq will have today, like the Super Cruise, which gives you that hands-free driver assistance technology as well as several other advantages throughout what we offer for assistance.

As a demonstration of how long the Lyriq has come, the base example has many features all by itself. Lyriq is a living representation of how long Cadillac has been moving and how far it has come. New versions of the Lyriq have options like the 3500 pounding towing capacity. It additionally has options like the 340 hp electric motor on the rear axle.

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