Building Your Own GMC Syclone Out of a Beater S10 Is Way More Fun

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Replicating the Legendary GMC Syclone: A DIY Journey with a Chevy S10

Unveiling the Plan

The original GMC Syclone, with its ferocious turbocharged V6 and AWD system, remains an iconic performance truck to this day. With limited numbers produced, getting one now is quite a feat. YouTuber Tony Angelo, unable to secure an original, embarks on an ambitious project: building a replica from scratch.

Crafting the Sike Clone

Dubbed the Sike Clone, this modern homage starts with a Chevy S10 as its base. Angelo opts for a 4×4 short-bed model, crucial for accommodating the AWD components essential for this build.

Sourcing the Components

To replicate the Syclone’s performance, Angelo acquires a 1994 Chevy Astro van as a donor vehicle. This van provides the necessary AWD parts, the potent 4.3-liter V6 engine, and the 4L60 transmission required for the swap.

Turbocharging the Heart

The 4.3-liter V6 from the Astro van gets a power boost with a $675 turbo kit. Angelo’s choice of a carburetor over fuel injection streamlines the process, leveraging the engine’s similarities with the classic Chevy small block V8.

The Final Stretch

As the turbocharged engine finds its place in the S10 frame, Angelo faces challenges with engine mounts but remains undeterred. The glimpse of the build promises the thrill of seeing the Sike Clone unleash its full potential.


Tony Angelo’s journey to recreate the GMC Syclone showcases the passion and ingenuity of car enthusiasts. Stay tuned as this DIY project unfolds, promising the exhilaration of a classic reborn.


1. What is a GMC Syclone?

The GMC Syclone was a limited production performance truck known for its turbocharged V6 engine and AWD system.

2. Why choose a Chevy S10 for the project?

The Chevy S10 provides a suitable platform for replicating the Syclone due to its compatibility with GM parts needed for the build.

3. How is the Syclone replica being powered?

The replica features a turbocharged 4.3-liter V6 engine sourced from a Chevy Astro van, further enhanced with a carburetor setup for increased performance.

4. What challenges has Tony Angelo faced during the project?

Angelo has encountered difficulties with finding the right engine mounts, but his determination and expertise continue to drive the project forward.

5. Where can I follow the progress of the Sike Clone build?

You can follow Tony Angelo’s journey and the Sike Clone build on his YouTube channel, Stay Tuned.

By following Tony Angelo’s journey, car enthusiasts can witness the transformation of a Chevy S10 into a remarkable Syclone replica, showcasing the enduring allure of automotive DIY projects.

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