Bridgestone Introduced the Initial All-Terrain Run-Flat Tire for the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato

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The pioneering all-terrain Lamborghini supercar will necessitate a pioneering all-terrain supercar tire. You cannot simply dash to Pep Boys and pick up a Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato tire off the shelf. Instead, Lamborghini collaborated with Bridgestone to produce the Dueler AT002, the original equipment manufacturer tire for the new off-road Huracan.
Bridgestone is presenting two diverse tires for the Huracan Sterrato, with winter options also on offer, but the Dueler AT002 is the tire designated for factory installation. Formulating an all-terrain tire capable of managing supercar performance levels, both on and off the road, must be quite a challenge. Nevertheless, Bridgestone asserts that they have accomplished it.

“We have created a tire that offers high-speed stability and off-road capability, excelling equally at high speeds on asphalt and in off-road conditions, tackling various challenges presented by mud, gravel, and rigorous terrains,” stated Steven De Bock, Bridgestone’s Vice President of Consumer Replacement.

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The Dueler AT002 is also a tire that can run flat. Apart from a select few Urus drivers, not many Lamborghini owners have to be concerned about sharp rocks puncturing their tires. Nonetheless, it is stated that the Dueler AT002 is capable of reaching a distance of 50 miles, at a speed of 50 mph, with 0-bar tire pressure. While I cannot envision the rigid sidewall providing much comfort, I suppose comfort is not the priority when purchasing a V10-powered off-road supercar.

Bridgestone also offers a winter tire alternative, the Blizzak LM005. Both tires come with staggered fittings, featuring wider rear tires. The Dueler AT002s are 235/40 ZR19 in the front and 285/40 ZR19 in the rear, while the Blizzak LM005s are likewise 235/40 R19 in the front and 285/40 R19 in the rear (the Blizzaks, being winter tires, do not carry the same ‘ZR’ speed rating).

Specialized supercar tires are not unusual. In reality, they are nearly anticipated by now. However, if there ever was a vehicle that required a highly specific tire, it would be the Huracan Sterrato. And if Lamborghini requires assistance in testing the Sterrato’s new tires on sand or snow, I am more than willing to volunteer.

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