Axonify unveils workforce training and involvement platform

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Axonify, a supplier of essential learning for frontline staff and workplace efficiency, is launching the Axonify Frontline Worker Involvement Suite to tackle the challenges of engaging, educating, and retaining staff in the restaurant sector.

In a recent company announcement, Dave Carter, Axonify’s chief revenue officer, stated, “Axonify’s method integrates engagement into a unified, comprehensive experience, departing from the constraints of a traditional Learning Management System (LMS), and equipping businesses with the resources to foster a more connected, adaptive, and high-performing frontline workforce.”

Data from a Gallup study revealed that just 32% of full- and part-time workers claimed to be engaged in their roles, a decline from 34% in 2021 and 36% in 2020 — marking the first decrease in engagement in a decade. Coupled with 85% of frontline corporate leaders intending to either maintain or boost their annual investment in employee involvement, it’s evident that organizations are in search of fresh approaches to engage their workforce and demand innovative solutions.

The Axonify Frontline Worker Involvement Suite surmounts conventional obstacles, including disjointed solutions that fail to reach frontline staff and tools not designed for field employees, by presenting learning leaders, HR, and operational teams with a more comprehensive strategy to enhance employee involvement directly within Axonify, according to Carter.

Featuring short, interactive, tailored daily training sessions that seamlessly integrate with frontline operations across various devices, the suite boasts an outstanding 80% user engagement rate — laying the groundwork for a robust employee involvement strategy.

The suite provides a range of features, including:

  • Guidance from leadership.
  • Bi-directional communication.
  • Strategic campaigns that deliver targeted messages at specific times, easily accessible to all employees.
  • Live chat capabilities.
  • On-time support and feedback.
  • AI-driven job assistance.
  • Quick surveys.
  • Task coordination.
  • Gaming elements and incentives.

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