Aston Martin DBX707 AMR23 Edition Represents a Duplicate F1 Medical Car for Your Home

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The introduction of the Aston Martin DBX707 to Formula 1 happened earlier in the current season—not as a competitor, naturally, but as the designated FIA Medical Car. Our previous post detailed all the adjustments made to this street-ready super SUV for its official responsibilities in the global championship. Presently, the British car manufacturer is revealing a variation of the F1-influenced family vehicle that you can actually purchase, known as the Aston Martin DBX707 AMR23 Edition.

Turns out, Aston is quite pleased with its F1 performance so far this year and is in a festive mood. With six races completed in the season, the British Green team holds a commendable second place in the constructors’ championship, and its top driver, Fernando Alonso, has clinched four podium finishes. The DBX707 AMR23 edition—named after the F1 race car—is the team’s way of stating: Here’s a grand SUV you can purchase to support our racing endeavors.

Generating a powerful 697 horsepower from its 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, the standard SUV did not require additional power for its F1 tasks, hence the AMR23’s powertrain remains unaltered. Nevertheless, the visual appeal receives enhancements to make it even more distinctive. The typical green hue of the brand is replaced with a custom Podium Green paint crafted by Q, previously exclusive to F1-related vehicles only—the Vantage F1, Medical Car, and the actual F1 car. The standard emblems are also swapped out for special Q badges.

AMR Editions historically incorporate lime green accents to signify their special designation, and the DBX707 AMR23 follows this tradition. Numerous such vibrant accents are evident, along with brake calipers painted in Aston Martin Racing Green. Lastly, the limited edition features the same sculpted carbon fiber body kit used on the F1 Medical Car. It remains uncertain if this body kit is more extensive than the one on the standard DBX707—given the already substantial diffuser it boasts—but it’s highly probable.

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The interior of the DBX707 AMR23 is mostly akin to the standard model, lacking the specialized equipment seen in the F1 Medical Car such as communication devices, emergency lights, or medical supplies. Disappointing. However, what it does receive is an Inspire Sport Duotone Onyx Black/Eifel Greenlime-themed interior, featuring green stitching, matte carbon fiber, and AMR23 logos on the door sills.

Aston Martin mentions that the base AMR23 Edition costs $36,000, while the even more special AMR23 Edition Highlights is priced at $43,200. These options will be open for ordering in Q3 of 2023, giving you some time to save up. It would be wise to contact your dealer now to secure a spot in the queue.

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