Affected 12K-Mile 1999 Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster Might Represent a Salvage Auction Opportunity

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Desiring a Lamborghini Diablo without breaking the bank? It may sound absurd to pose that question when the likely retort is, “Sure, but what’s the hitch?” Naturally, there is a hitch: it’s somewhat damaged. Nevertheless, it continues to function properly!

We have come across a 1999 Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster available on Copart, currently holding a high bid of only $82,500. The listing states it as a “pure sale,” indicating that there is actually no minimum bid. Now, I understand that salvage auction supercars usually entail more hassle than value. However, depending on how this unfolds, it could turn out to be an advantageous deal for someone.

No need to praise the merits of the Diablo, the V12 icon of 1990s supercars and the premier production Lamborghini with a top velocity surpassing 200 mph. The VT variant represented the initial Diablo to incorporate a viscous all-wheel drive system capable of transferring up to 20 percent torque to the front wheels. Consequently, VT abbreviates “viscous traction.” Although handling markedly improved, the Diablo retained its wild nature. There’s no scarcity of crashes involving them then and now. A cursory search unveils a never-ending list of these wrecked beauties. Actually, skip searching on search engines. The outcomes might evoke sadness.

Priorly, we showcased a deteriorated Diablo for sale; however, its condition was far graver. Water infiltrated the engine, and regrettably, the overall harm to the vehicle cannot be fully ascertained with surface-level images. That would necessitate a comprehensive restoration and then some. Yet, the one currently being auctioned right now appears to be, may I venture to say, salvageable?

The external harm seems limited to body damage on the front, rear, and driver’s sides, along with a collapsed suspension and damaged wheels. The passenger side panels seem unaffected. Moreover, it comes with a plethora of detached pieces and components from the collision. A peek inside reveals a tidy interior with an odometer reading of 12,302.4 miles. That translates to around 492.1 miles covered annually. Consequently, it has been utilized—just not extensively or for prolonged durations.

The car is labeled as a “run and drive” model. It initiates independently, can be shifted into gear, and moves forward. The fine print clarifies that this does not imply the supercar is roadworthy. Nonetheless, progressing without substantial impediments is a significant step. Judging from this video showcase, the most crucial component, its 5.7-liter V12, seems to be in a commendable state and emits a similarly robust sound!

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Guessing how this magnificent Italian beauty with 530 horsepower and 446 lb-ft of torque ended up with its dents and scratches is a mystery. Maybe the owner tried to sell it, allowed a reckless driver to take a test spin, and the Lambo got cozy with a curb. Thankfully, it’s just cosmetic damage, ruling out a jealous lover with a bat. Colliding with another car seems unlikely too. That would’ve caused more damage, paint transfer, and significant evidence. But hey, it’s all speculation. As much as binge-watching all CSI episodes may make me an armchair detective, it wouldn’t earn me a forensic science degree. If only…

Regarding the Lamborghini, the Copart auction suggests a market value of $505,000. According to Hagerty, an expert on classic cars, a ’99 Diablo VT in good shape can command $419,000, with a yearly price increase of nearly 42 percent.

If I had the spare cash, would I make the purchase? Absolutely. Would I fix it? Certainly. Would I hit the road in it? But not in a way that lands it back in Copart. Unlike those YouTube hotshots, I understand my driving limits.

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