Acura Engineers Chop an NSX Test Mule in Half To Create Sweet Trailer for an NSX Type-S

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Acura Engineers Unveil Unique Trailer Made from NSX Test Mule for NSX Type-S Support

A Look Into the Creative Initiative of Acura Engineers

Test mules go through rigorous testing procedures, enduring cutting-edge modifications and adjustments on their journey to becoming a production vehicle. In a unique move, Acura’s engineers decided to repurpose an NSX test mule by transforming it into a one-of-a-kind support trailer for the NSX Type-S.

The Unveiling of the NSX Test Mule Trailer

Acura’s innovative trailer, crafted from half of an NSX, is set to embark on the challenging One Lap of America race, covering a distance of 3,200 miles across 15 states. This exceptional creation will be driven by dedicated Honda engineers from Ohio, carrying essential equipment for the event, including tires, tools, and fluids, for track events at Road Atlanta and Nashville Superspeedway.

The Ingenious Design and Features

The trailer, designed by ADC fabrication, showcases custom barn doors, Falken tires, HRE wheels, and H&R springs. To facilitate its towing capabilities, engineers integrated a rear camera into the car’s infotainment system and added a rear crash bar for the tow hitch. Accompanying the NSX trailer is an Acura TLX Type S sedan, ensuring a seamless journey throughout the race.

A Tribute to a Conceptual Origin

Acknowledging its inspiration, the project pays homage to YouTuber and fabricator Chris Cut, who previously crafted a travel trailer from a first-gen NSX. This endeavor not only highlights technical prowess but also fosters a sense of community and creativity within the automotive enthusiast realm.

Racing for a Cause

Beyond the thrill of the race, the teams behind this ambitious project are racing for a noble cause – the Victory Center, offering vital support to cancer patients and their families. This philanthropic element adds a touching dimension to the adventurous pursuit.


Acura’s transformation of an NSX test mule into a support trailer exemplifies ingenuity and resourcefulness in the automotive industry. This bold initiative not only showcases technical expertise but also underscores the spirit of camaraderie and philanthropy within the racing community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a test mule in the automotive industry?

Test mules are prototype vehicles used by automotive manufacturers for testing, often subjected to rigorous evaluations to refine and enhance the production model.

What is the One Lap of America race?

The One Lap of America is an annual motorsports event that challenges participants to cover an extensive route across various states, testing both driver skill and vehicle performance.

Who was behind the creation of the NSX test mule trailer?

Acura’s engineers, in collaboration with ADC fabrication, devised the unique trailer by repurposing part of an NSX test mule, showcasing their innovation and craftsmanship.

What inspired the NSX test mule trailer project?

The project drew inspiration from Chris Cut, a YouTuber and fabricator known for creating a travel trailer from a first-gen NSX, highlighting the influence of creative enthusiasts in the automotive community.

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