AB Dynamics Acquires Venshure Test Services, Enhancing EV Testing Capabilities

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UK-based automotive testing technology company AB Dynamics has recently completed the acquisition of Venshure Test Services (VTS), a dynamometer-based testing services provider headquartered in the USA.

The Acquisition Details

AB Dynamics agreed to a maximum consideration of $30 million for VTS, with an initial cash payment of $15 million. This strategic move aims to bolster AB Dynamics’ presence in the electric vehicle (EV) testing sector. VTS specializes in developing and implementing EVs for US automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Their services include mileage accumulation, assessing EV powertrain and battery performance, and conducting tests in extreme weather conditions to validate EV battery energy consumption and range, following SAE J1634 standards.

Expansion and Benefits

The acquisition of VTS equips AB Dynamics with enhanced testing capabilities, enabling it to augment its California-based track testing services with laboratory-based testing solutions. Dr. James Routh, the CEO of AB Dynamics, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition, stressing that it broadens the company’s expertise and geographic coverage in EV battery and powertrain performance evaluation.

This acquisition underscores AB Dynamics’ commitment to staying at the forefront of EV technology and meeting the evolving demands of the automotive industry.

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The acquisition of Venshure Test Services by AB Dynamics marks a significant step towards strengthening their position in the competitive EV testing market. By integrating VTS’s expertise with their own, AB Dynamics is poised to offer comprehensive testing solutions to meet the burgeoning demands of the automotive industry.


1. What services does Venshure Test Services provide?

Venshure Test Services specializes in dynamometer-based testing services for electric vehicles. Their offerings include mileage accumulation, powertrain and battery performance assessment, and extreme climatic condition testing.

2. Why is the acquisition of Venshure Test Services significant for AB Dynamics?

The acquisition allows AB Dynamics to enhance its EV testing capabilities and expand its geographical coverage. It complements the company’s existing track testing services with laboratory-based testing, positioning AB Dynamics as a comprehensive testing solutions provider.

3. How does the acquisition benefit the automotive industry?

By strengthening its position in EV testing through this acquisition, AB Dynamics can contribute to the advancement of EV technology and support automotive OEMs in validating their EV battery and powertrain performance efficiently.

In sum, AB Dynamics’ acquisition of Venshure Test Services signifies a strategic investment in the future of automotive testing, particularly in the realm of electric vehicles.

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