A Tesla Cybertruck Elevation Kit Is Now Available and Priced at $10,000

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Recently, the initial batch of Tesla Cybertrucks reached their owners, and in a short span, a wide array of aftermarket components have become available. The pioneer in this field seems to be Unplugged Performance, a manufacturer of Tesla add-ons that offers a series of off-road components geared towards integrating Cybertruck owners seamlessly into the world of mall parking lot Jeep meetings.

Setting aside the humor, many of these components appear to serve practical purposes and maintain a high standard of quality, considering Unplugged’s track record. Among these offerings is a 2.5-inch elevation kit crafted entirely from billet aluminum, replacing components down to the questionable stamped upper wishbones from the factory. At $9,995, it may not be a budget-friendly option, but genuine elevation kits rarely are.

By installing this kit, one can accommodate larger tires to enhance ground clearance, which can be paired with some of Unplugged’s custom wheels. Options include a hexagonal set reminiscent of Alfa Romeo’s dial phones after a psychedelic experience, or the choice of forged 20s featuring genuine bead locks. Unplugged also provides a range of offerings from steel bumpers and battery skid plates to rock sliders, a bull bar, and quick-release sway bar end links for improved flexibility. Overall, a solid collection of modifications.

However, not all items in the catalogue focus on functionality or aesthetic appeal, particularly when dealing with a vehicle as unique as the Cybertruck. For instance, a carbon fiber hood with an LED light bar and carbon fender flares will set you back $1,995 and $2,895 respectively. If weight is a concern, it might be wise to avoid purchasing aftermarket parts for a truck already sporting a purportedly bulletproof stainless steel body.

Then there’s the robust roof rack that covers the Cybertruck’s bed, adding challenges to its accessibility, and the MOLLE side rack marketed for “zombie apocalypse essentials.”

Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised by the initial lineup of Cybertruck enhancements (Cybertruccessories). The future offerings may not exceed this standard, particularly if they follow the same pattern as the elevated Rivian. For those who thought the Cybertruck couldn’t become any more… controversial, brace yourself for what’s to come.

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