A Contemporary “Vanishing Point” Dodge Challenger Build is Up for Sale

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The legendary film, Vanishing Point, from 1971, stands as a noteworthy classic in the realm of automotive enthusiasts. Often featured in compilations of the “Best car pursuit scenes,” my personal take is that it might not rank within the top ten, although this opinion might come across as somewhat contrarian. Contrary to expectation, the true star of the movie was not Barry Newman, the lead actor but rather the striking white 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T. This led to the influx of several modern-day Challengers striving to recreate the iconic aura of the ’70s movie star. If channeling the essence of Newman’s Kowalski behind the wheel appeals to you, this 2012 Challenger R/T, dubbed the “Vanishing Point” build and currently available for purchase, is definitely worth considering.

Any dedicated car enthusiast sporting New Balance sneakers is bound to evoke memories of Vanishing Point at the sight of a white Challenger. In contrast, this specific version stands as an authentic homage to the film. Resonating with the original, it showcases wheels that mimic the movie car’s steelies, a lowered suspension mirroring its stance, and even the “Dodge” emblem spelled out on the hood. Inside, the black interior boasts a wooden pistol-grip shifter and houndstooth fabric seat inserts. Fortunately, the manual transmission is a contemporary six-speed, a welcome update from the ancient ’70s four-speed.

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Beneath the elongated hood lies an engine noticeably smaller than its 1970 predecessor. The original model housed a hefty 440 cubic-inch powerplant, approximately 7.2 liters in size. In contrast, the current iteration is equipped with a 345 cubic-inch engine, roughly 5.7 liters, although it delivers a more potent punch. With the assistance of a Magnuson supercharger kit, this 2012 Challenger assembly claims an impressive 598 horsepower, surpassing the 390 horses of its cinematic predecessor.

Despite clocking 75,000 miles, this creation bears no discernible traces of wear. Every component appears brand new, and even the undercarriage gleams impeccably, devoid of any oil residue or signs of corrosion.

However, the price tag is a tad steep, particularly when factoring in the absence of a matching set of four tires. With an asking price of $39,900, it nearly doubles the going rate for pre-owned Challengers of similar age and mileage. Surprisingly, more recent models with updated aesthetics and interiors are available for less. Nonetheless, for aficionados of this ’70s cinematic gem craving a replica of the iconic silver screen automobile, the asking price might hold justified allure.

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