$81,582 Volkswagen Golf R 333 Completely Sells Out in Only 8 Minutes

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The exclusive 2024 VW Golf R 333 was recently unveiled by Volkswagen, showcasing distinctive design elements, a slightly enhanced performance output, and a surprising price tag of 76,410 euros, which equals $81,582. This Germany-specific Golf production is limited to just 333 units, and despite being the priciest Golf variant thus far, all 333 units were sold out within a mere eight minutes.

Volkswagen’s product communications chief, Stefan Voswinkel, recently shared on LinkedIn that the Golf R 333 had completely sold out. He remarked, “Impressively swift—even by Golf R standards. The special Golf R 333 model was completely sold out within eight minutes!”

All 333 buyers of the Golf R 333 can enjoy unique styling features like the vibrant Lime Yellow Metallic color, 19-inch Y-spoke wheels, and a black rooftop. To highlight their exclusivity, the vehicles are adorned with black “333” decals on the side panels. Inside, the only difference is a small emblem denoting its production serial number.

Enhancing performance, the Golf R 333 boasts a modest power increase, delivering 329 horsepower from the well-known 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The sound quality has been improved with a titanium Akrapovic exhaust system, and handling has been optimized with semi-slick tires. Volkswagen has also raised the electronically limited maximum speed to 168 mph for more spirited Autobahn driving experiences.

Considering the marginal enhancements and the exclusivity of becoming one of just 333 owners, is the considerable price tag justified? Apparently, there are 333 individuals who believe so. It’s essential to acknowledge that German prices include value-added tax (VAT), while American suggested retail prices do not factor in taxes. Nevertheless, one must be a devoted Volkswagen aficionado to invest significantly extra for exclusive paint, an exhaust system available aftermarket, and, of course, the decals.

Deliveries for the 333 customers are scheduled to commence in October.

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