2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ Shifts to Electric Power With 750 HP, Impressive 55-Inch Display, Enormous Dimensions

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Only in the initial stages of the electrification era we are currently witnessing could a vehicle like the 2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ emerge. Operating solely on electric power with a robust 750 horsepower and a range of 450 miles, GM’s substantial three-row EV boasts a formidable 200-kilowatt-hour battery, rolls on 24-inch wheels, and undoubtedly weighs nearly five tons. It stands as a mobile executive suite and upon its release, it will set the standard for luxurious electric vehicles.

When you have the option to equip a 40-speaker audio system and an Elite Second-Row Seating Package featuring fold-down trays, massage chairs, personal 12.6-inch monitors, and an array of USB-C and HDMI ports for on-the-go entertainment, you understand the level of sophistication. GM’s Super Cruise hands-free driving technology is also included as standard for three years, and despite the impressive specifications of the Escalade IQ’s powertrain, the driving experience itself appears to take a back seat. As evidence, the electric Escalade inherits the 55-inch diagonal infotainment screen from the Celestiq, extending seamlessly from one A-pillar to the other.

The interior design draws inspiration from contemporary architecture in an effort to create an illusion of spaciousness within the already expansive cabin. Featuring a fixed-glass panoramic roof that significantly enhances the overall sense of openness. Furthermore, Cadillac incorporates subtle elements like intricately laser-etched wood accents throughout the interior, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail devoted to the Escalade IQ.

“Even in the smallest details, such as observing the final vehicle’s gaps and alignments, we painstakingly scrutinized each of those aspects,” stated Mandi Damman, the head engineer of the Escalade IQ, in an interview with The Drive. “This was a unique experience, as usually we start with a Chevrolet full-size SUV, which imposes limitations on us. However, with this project, we had a clean slate to elevate the luxury standards. Consequently, we were able to refine many of those elements and pour our hearts into achieving perfection.”

Externally, the design draws inspiration from the Lyriq and the aforementioned $340,000 Celestiq sedan. The rear end moves away from the traditional full-length vertical taillamps of the combustion-engine-powered Escalade in favor of a more segmented appearance. On the mechanical front, it incorporates two individual single-motor drive units with unique gear ratios. Supporting the entire structure are dynamic air springs and GM’s latest adaptable magnetic shock absorbers. Despite appearances, the IQ is equipped with 24-inch wheels wrapped in 35-inch tires. This configuration effectively conceals its exceptionally lengthy 136.2-inch wheelbase, exceeding the current ICE-powered Escalade ESV (the extended version) by just over two inches.

The assertion that the electric Escalade is unparalleled is all but irrefutable. It stands as a true behemoth. Have you ever envisioned a vehicle with “1000” emblazoned on its rear? Look no further than this model. It commands respect purely based on its specifications, yet it also includes some interesting features to brighten the atmosphere. Thanks to its four-wheel steering, it can perform a “crabwalk” akin to the Hummer EV, a feature Cadillac has dubbed Arrival Mode. The manufacturer openly admits that this functionality was primarily implemented to showcase its capabilities. When not engaged in this exhibition, the four-wheel steering significantly reduces the vehicle’s turning radius, naturally.

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The most absurd aspect included must be the vividly labeled Low Ride Mode. Thanks to the adaptive air suspension, Cadillac asserts that the vehicle can be elevated an inch or dropped two inches for functional purposes. Low Ride Mode serves more than just a utilitarian function. It enables the Escalade IQ to be maneuvered at slow speeds with the suspension fully retracted. When all these features are combined, the truck can be operated lowered to the ground and sideways from the factory, simply because Cadillac deems it fashionable. Perhaps you share the same sentiment.
Comparable to other GM EVs, the Escalade IQ will provide one-pedal operation and a paddle located behind the steering wheel that can be utilized to apply regenerative braking variably without using the physical brake pedal. Its charging speeds are in line with other contemporary EVs, delivering 14.8 miles of range per hour from a standard 240-volt 7.7kW charger, 37 miles per hour with a 19.2kW 240v charger, and up to 100 miles of range in 10 minutes with a high-speed DC rapid charger, although the latter rate is subject to the battery’s state of charge.
The maximum power can only be unleashed when the car is configured to Velocity Max mode. In all other scenarios, it will have to manage with 680 horsepower instead of 750. That still rivals the output of a supercharged Escalade V, and when the desire to accelerate swiftly from a standstill arises, activating Velocity Max permits hitting 60 mph in under five seconds.
Convenient attributes such as a spacious 12-cubic-foot frunk complete the offering. Cadillac has also hinted that the manufacturer’s nearly autonomous driving system, Ultra Cruise, might become accessible in the future.
The pricing for the base Escalade IQ is considerably higher than its ICE-powered relative. A gasoline-powered Escalade with a short wheelbase starts at $82,690. The Escalade IQ will have a price tag of $130,000 before any additional options are included.
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