2024 McLaren 750S Coupe Performance Review: Perfect PerformanceLesson

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The future of supercars may be downsized engines with hybrid assistance, but McLaren isn’t entirely done with the original recipe. When McLaren Automotive formed as a supercar entity for the modern era, it embarked on a twin-turbo V8-powered journey with the 12C, which eventually became the carving knife that is the McLaren 720S. Against supercars like the Ferrari F8 Tributo and Lamborghini Huracan, it was a weapon. It arrived track-capable, street-friendly, and with the ability to hit 124 mph in less than eight seconds, and we didn’t know how it could possibly be improved.

Since then, McLaren has paid attention to reviewers and customers and let the engineers loose to find other improvements. The result is the McLaren 750S and 750S Spider.

As the numeric model number would suggest, the McLaren 750S lies somewhere between the original ballistic capability of the 720S and the completely unhinged 765LT, laying down 740 horsepower to the rear wheels and through a chassis that has been tweaked and polished to be an animal on the track, but not try to kill you on the road, yet still providing maximum GPM (Grins Per Mile). To reach that oversimplified conclusion, we took ourselves to Las Vegas to drive the 750S on the road and at the track. So, let’s dig deeper.

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