2022 Mercedes-AMG GLA 45: Review of Trims, Specs, Price, Interior, Exterior, and Specs

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877595 Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 Mercedes-AMG GLA 45
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Call us crazy, but the GLA 45 is what the Subaru WRX STI should have been. A four-cylinder turbocharged engine with standard AWD in a body style people prefer these days. This may be branded as a crossover but only in name. The laughable ground clearance, stiff damping, and racy rubber will all respond with a resounding “nein” the moment you hit gravel.

This Benz belongs on the tarmac, and even then, it toes the line between firm and uncomfortable. There are various driving-mode settings – too many for our liking. You can select what kind of damping you want, how much you want the ESP to interfere, and finally, the AMG Dynamic Select with its various driving modes. We’ll focus on the latter, as it automatically changes the damping and ESP as well. The standard modes are Slippery, Comfort, Sport, Sport+, and Individual. If you opt for the optional AMG Dynamic Plus Package, you also get a Race Mode and more powerful brakes. We urge you to tick that box.

The GLA 45 has a wide range of talents. It has no problem coping in cold weather conditions with the right tires. Comfort is a relative term, but it’s not as unforgiving as the Mini Countryman JCW, for example. You could easily live with it daily. Its sportier side is much better than the car that came before. The previous-generation model had a basic AWD system, and by that, we mean it was essentially a front-wheel-drive car that only activated the rear wheels when the front ones couldn’t cope anymore. The new 4Matic+ system is more advanced. It does a better job of seamlessly transferring power between the front and rear. The 2022 GLA 45 also boasts torque vectoring for the rear wheels, so it can even control the percentage of power sent to the left or right rear wheel.

Grip levels are immense. The only oddity is the higher center of gravity. If you’re used to a hot hatch, the body lean will feel strange at first. Not dangerous, just strange. We found ourselves liking a bit of lean, as it serves as a subtle warning that you may be pushing too hard. Suffice it to say that most people’s bag of bravery will be empty long before the GLA 45 stops gripping.

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