1-of-2 Ferrari 412P Sells for $30M at Monterey Auction

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Rare Ferrari 412P Fetches $30M at Monterey Auction

One-of-Two Ferrari 412P Shines Bright at Bonhams Auction

After a thrilling Monterey Car Week filled with a myriad of prestigious vehicles, a remarkable event stood out among the rest—the sale of a one-of-two Ferrari 412P Berlinetta at the Bonhams auction for an astonishing $30.25 million. This significant transaction at Bonhams marked a record-breaking moment, capturing the attention of car enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Racing Heritage and Rarity of the Ferrari 412P

During the mid-1960s, Ferrari made its mark in the World Championship of Makes by not only fielding its factory works team but also supplying customer racing teams. Among these teams were Maranello Concessionaires and Ecurie Francorchamps, both entrusted with carbureted versions of the Ferrari 412P. The particular 412P that recently commanded a hefty price at the auction belonged to Maranello Concessionaires, owned by Colonel Ronnie Hoare, a significant figure from England’s automotive scene.

Hoare’s Ferrari 412P partook in renowned races like the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the 1,000 Kilometers of Spa, and clinched victory at the 1968 Nuremberg 200 Kilometers event. While it may not have been the most decorated Ferrari race car of its time, the exceptional rarity and genuine racing pedigree of the 412P make it a coveted item for affluent collectors.

Design and Performance: A Masterpiece on Wheels

The Ferrari 412P captivates not only with its racing accomplishments but also with its striking beauty. Featuring a sleek, low nose, distinctive high fenders resembling cheekbones, and a robust overall design that appears as if the bodywork hugs the frame tightly, the 412P exudes a timeless allure. Following a meticulous nine-year restoration, this Ferrari maintains its original chassis, body, engine, and gearbox—all matching numbers. Furthermore, this exclusive vehicle is not just a museum piece; it is fully road-legal and regularly enjoys outings on public roads.

Equipped with a 4.0-liter, 24-valve naturally aspirated V12 engine producing 420 horsepower and capable of revving up to 8,000 rpm, the Ferrari 412P delivers an exhilarating driving experience. Complemented by four-wheel disc brakes, unequal wishbone independent suspension, and a five-speed manual transmission, this masterpiece of automotive history offers a blend of power, precision, and elegance.


The sale of the one-of-two Ferrari 412P at the Monterey auction for $30.25 million attests to the enduring appeal and enduring value of classic race cars with authentic provenance. Beyond being a mere luxury item, this Ferrari serves as a symbol of automotive excellence and racing history, offering its fortunate owner a rare opportunity to own a piece of Maranello’s legendary legacy.


1. What makes the Ferrari 412P so special?

The Ferrari 412P’s rarity, authentic racing pedigree, and exquisite design set it apart as a highly sought-after collector’s item. With only two 412P Berlinettas produced, owning one is a privilege reserved for a select few.

2. Can the Ferrari 412P be driven on public roads?

Yes, the Ferrari 412P is road-legal, allowing its owner to experience the thrill of driving this historic race car on public streets while turning heads and paying homage to its illustrious past.

3. Why did the Ferrari 412P fetch $30.25 million at auction?

The $30.25 million price tag reflects the exceptional rarity, provenance, and desirability of the Ferrari 412P among elite collectors and enthusiasts. Its combination of performance, heritage, and beauty makes it a truly priceless acquisition.

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